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Most companies only make major change when it is absolutely necessary. But when they do, they require the change to be implemented with the minimum of disruption to the rest of the business. What they don’t want is unexpected problems, budget overruns or delays in completion.

Managers typically do not have abundant spare time to undertake the planning and to make all the necessary arrangements. You, of course, know your business and therefore probably feel able to plan the project in great detail and in doing so to minimise the risks

At all stages you have to ask yourself, have we thought of everything, is everything on order, will it arrive when needed, have we allowed sufficient time for each phase of the project, or too much time. Will the staff be able to cope, have we taken into account training on the change. The list is endless.

In fact most projects face the same series of questions. Whether you are building a house, moving your office or implementing a new computing system the problems faced are remarkably similar.

At GreenMarch Systems we have a group of people who are experienced Project Managers. Their experience can save you time, money and considerable heartache, not to mention disruption to your business.

No matter how large or small the project, the expertise of an experienced Project Manager can be of significant benefit. GreenMarch Systems will provide a Project Consultant to help you manage your project more efficiently or supply a Project Manager to manage the project for you.

It does not matter whether the project involves the implementation of a computer related system or a change in organisation, you will find the Project Managers at GreenMarch Systems will ensure the implementation is smooth and trouble free.